Khuda Haafiz

Khuda haafiz leads a man Vidyut Jammwal who is well known for his action stunt and moves to play a role of a normal man-call Sameer who is a software engineer in the movie which is really interesting to watch. On the other hand, we have Shivaleeka Oberoi’s playing the role of Nargis a call center employee. Sameer gets married to the girl of their parent’s choice Nargis who was a Muslim it was an intercaste marriage. In the movie, both Sameer
and Nargis lost their jobs due to the crash down in the world from 2007 to 2008Recession. Lack of money forces them to find jobs in other countries.

The wife(Nargis) finds a job in the Sultanate of Noman she was been traped in the name of a job and was abducted. When Sameer listen to the panicked voice of Nargis on the phonecall he rushed to noman to find his wife. Khuda haafiz shows an action star man in a panic condition. He finds his wife but can not rescue her from there due to a lot of security. Shiv Pandit and Ahana Kumra both play a local cop roll in the movie where shiv pandit is not an honest cop as on the other hand ahana kumra is an honest cop when Sameer finding her wife in noman and he was about to find her the fight began in which ahana kumra(local cop) was killed by Shiv Pandit. The police commander of noman has seen the real personality of Shiv Pandit and was encountered. At last, Sameer found his love Nargis in the truck container and the rest of the movie goes with an emotional connection between Sameer and Nargis.

Conclusion of khuda haafiz

Khuda haafiz movie has shown emotional connection and based on a true event. Songs of this movie sound really very sample and effective to the audience which give a positive impact. This movie really touches the hearts of the audience.

Khuda Haafiz
Director: Faruk Kabir
Cast: Shivaleeka Oberoi,Vidyut Jammwal, Ahana Kumra, Shiv Panditt
rate: 7.1/10

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