STORY: In Mumbai, the lives of several of Thakur’s lawbreaking family members are suddenly in danger because gangsters and goons form gangs against them and their father Kalidas Thakur (Mahesh V.Manjrekar) and his younger son Devidas (Vidyut Jammwal) are deadly this miscreant family unit head out for these difficult times this is how the power is shown in the movie

REVIEW: Thakur’s are a very powerful community in Mumbai-niceties and backstabbers with guns and police and the political support makes it easier for their illegitimate business and meaningless killings. The head of the Thakur’s family, their father Kalidas Thakur came to Mumbai from an unknown residence with his then mate Rana (Sachin khedekar) with strict
intentions of ruling the Mumbai city. Thakur succeeds in making his then mate Rana the second-best that ensures a cold war between the powerful parties and they are all waiting very excitedly for the man to separate

‘The Power’ is a vengeance of love paired with betrayal family affair full of love and jealousy with a vengeance

Mahesh V.Manjrekar has written and directed keeping this crime/revenge saga in mind we are assuming the underlying theme is hatred is never ever the answer to the question in mind the soul of the movie is in the right place but the way the movie is presented to the audience is extremely shocking. First of all, it is a feature film and not a web show a large amount of time is devoted to hypnotizing the central subject which is clearly unnecessarily so construed that even after a while the high forceful or intense actions sequence and emotional scenes cannot keep you secondly everyone not performs in the case of acting while Vidyut holds his own as a calm and calculating Devi shruti lacks the trust of a bereaved daughter
seeking vengeance from her wrongdoers certainly the actress is a simple girl that takes the action effortlessly but accusations as well as physical confrontations both falls short of presenting reliable expressions. Manjrekar may have presented the comic story of a film but Kalidas commands respect from not only the characters but also from us the audience!

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